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Joe Pantalion, Interim Assistant City Manager

Joe Pantalion

Joe Pantalion currently serves as Interim Assistant City Manager over the Development Services group. He oversees the Aviation Department, Development Services Department, Neighborhood Housing and Community Development, Planning and Zoning Department, and Watershed Protection Department. He also serves as President of the Waller Creek Local Government Corporation and six housing nonprofit corporations.

Joe has 30 years of experience working on issues affecting local governments. He started with the City of Austin in 1997 and has served as an executive in the Watershed Protection Department since 2001. While at Watershed, Joe managed the creation of the City’s first Watershed Protection Master Plan, helped secure $45M in federal grants for Lower Onion Creek flood mitigation and park development, and helped establish the Waller and Shoal Creek Conservancy Partnership Agreements.  He and his staff worked closely with stakeholders over the course of two years to gain Council approval of the Watershed Protection Ordinance, a re-write of the City’s environmental land development regulations.  As Director of what was then the Watershed Protection and Development Review Department, he managed the establishment of the City’s first One Stop Shop for development review and inspection services and played a key role in negotiating the watershed and open space provisions of the Robinson Ranch Annexation agreement.  More recently, he leads a multi-departmental team working with the Waller Creek Conservancy on the $350 million economic revitalization and environmental restoration of the Waller Creek District.

Before joining the City, Joe spent 10 years in the private sector assisting cities and counties with the financing, planning, design, permitting, and construction management of infrastructure projects. He is an eighth generation Texan, a member of the International City/County Management Association, former member of the City’s Environmental Board and a licensed professional engineer with a civil engineering degree from the University of Texas at Austin.

Development Services Group

  • Aviation
  • Development Services Department
  • Neighborhood Housing and Community Development
  • Planning and Zoning Department
  • Watershed Protection Department
  • Staff liaison for City Clerk