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Frequently Asked Questions

You may submit an electronic copy in PDF format to

The types and locations of devices are based on engineering principles and judgment.  Only in unique or special circumstances will location or selection of devices be reconsidered.

Periodically throughout the review process, a list will be posted of projects that are eligible for the program and projects that are funded. These lists will be posted on the Local Area Traffic Management website.

You may also submit your status question to Please include your name, the name of the requested street and the request number, if available.

This is a two-part answer:

This first part is that the street must be eligible.  For a street to be eligible, it must meet several criteria, including:

• It must be a City of Austin street

 • It is not a major arterial

• If a minor arterial, it must have 60% front facing residential, schools or parkland

• The measured 85 percentile of traffic exceeds the posted speed by 3 miles per hour or more

• The requester must live along street/segment

• It has a speed limit of 40 mph or less

• It must be paved

• It can not be a duplicate request

• Any previously installed devices have been in place for at least 2 years

• It is not an alley

• It has no more than one lane of moving traffic in each direction.  A continuous center turn lane is not considered a travel lane for this evaluation.

The second part of the answer is that not all eligible requests will be funded.  All eligible requests will be compared to identify the most needy cases.  This comparison is based on the following weighted criteria:

• Speed Factor – number of cars exceeding speed limit +5, and not less than 35 mph

• Truck Traffic

• Number of auto crashes in the last 12 months

• Institutional (school or park) proximity

• Number of Auto/Pedestrian and Auto/Bicycle Crashes in the past 12 months

• Absences of sidewalks

• Residential Land Use

• Bicycle Route

• Front Facing Residential

• Evidence of Support (petition)

• Whether the street is within an Environmental Justice area

• Diversion of traffic

Each eligible request will be ranked for funding according to the criteria above.  The higher the ranking for funding number, the more likely a request is to be funded.

If a request is eligible but not funded, it gets put back into consideration with the new and older unfunded projects, and ranked according to its ranking for funding score.  An unfunded project will be reconsidered for funding for up to 4 more funding cycles, or for an additional 2 years.

The optimal length for a street segment to be considered for speeding mitigation is no longer than a half mile.  Please try to limit street segments to that length or less.

After 2 years, an unfunded request expires.  A new request may be submitted at that time. 

1.) You may drop your request off at the Austin Transportation Department office, located at 901 S. MoPac Expressway, Building 5, Suite 300.

2.) You may submit your request via mail to:

Austin Transportation Department
Attn.: LATM
P.O. Box 1088
Austin, TX 78767

3.) You may submit your request via email to