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UPDATE: Thursday, February 14, 2019

Austin Water crews have now flushed water at more than 900 locations. We continue to respond and perform targeted flushing in affected areas and add powdered activated carbon to help mitigate issues with taste and odor. As you continue to use the water in your home, you should see more improvements.

We appreciate your patience. If you are still experiencing issues, please contact 3-1-1 and provide your location.

Visit the Odor and Taste page for the latest information, including:

  • a helpful interactive map of flushing activity
  • frequently asked questions 

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The City of Austin is currently in Conservation Stage Water Use restrictions. We also offer information on water conservation, rebates, and how Austin Water is working to protect our water supply.


The Austin community has risen to meet challenges posed by drought to protect our water resources. To continue to meet these challenges and plan for a rapidly growing population and changing climate, Austin Water is working with other city departments, a citizen task force, and the community to develop a water plan for the next century. Get involved with Water Forward and take our brief Water Forward Survey


Did you know Austin Water is the steward of the city’s wildlands? Our wildlands help filter the water that flows through them and protects the animals that call the wildlands home. Sign-up for a hike or learn more about our Center for Environmental Research at Hornsby Bend.


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