Election History

Date of Election: May 13, 2006
Type of Election: Mayor,Council,Charter
City Population (at Time of the Election): 718,912
Number of Registered Voters: 553,934
Total Ballots Cast: 62,016
Percent of Registered Voters Who Voted: 11.20%
Wynn, Will 41,505 78.08%
Thomas, Danny 8,094 15.23%
Gale, Jennifer 3,560 6.70%
Place 2
Martinez, Mike 26,028 56.61%
May, Eliza 12,071 26.25%
Benedict, Wes 7,882 17.14%
Place 5
McCracken, Brewster 34,277 72.21%
Hopkins, Mark 6,578 13.86%
Touvell, Kedron Jerome 4,047 8.53%
Kalmbacher, Colin 2,566 5.41%
Place 6
Cole, Sheryl 27,205 59.77%
Pierce, Darrell 14,377 31.59%
Lofton, DeWayne W. 3,932 8.64%

PROPOSITION NO. 1 - Ordinance #20060403-002
Yes % Yes No % No
12801 24.00% 41599 76.00%
Shall the City Charter be amended: (a) to provide online access to public information, which for the most part is already available, by creating an online electronic data system for most City communication and documents at taxpayer expense; (b) to require that private citizens' emails to public officials be placed on the city website in "real time," including emails or electronic communications between private citizens and public officials in all City departments, and limit the ability of citizens to keep private the details of these communications, unless legal exceptions apply; (c) to require that the heads of all City departments, all city manager's staff and all city council members and their staff post online in "real time" information about meetings and phone calls with private citizens; and (d) to prohibit the City from exercising state law protection for information that could expose the City and taxpayers to greater financial and legal liability and risk?

PROPOSITION NO. 2 - Ordinance #20060403-002
Yes % Yes No % No
18685 31.00% 41786 69.00%
Shall the City Charter be amended to: (a) limit investment in roads, utilities, water quality infrastructure, drainage infrastructure, and other infrastructure extensions and capacity expansions in the Barton Springs Zone, which includes a large portion of southwest Austin and Travis County, including neighborhoods such as Oak Hill, Barton Hills, part of Zilker, Circle C, Travis Country, Village at Western Oaks, and Westcreek; (b) limit the City's ability to influence development in proposed utility and special districts in the extraterritorial jurisdiction; (c) limit the City's ability to enter into agreements that may subsidize private development in the Barton Springs Zone; (d) make all 'grandfathering' decisions in the Barton Springs Zone under state law subject to city council approval; (e) disqualify certain individuals from exercising certain property rights under state law in the Barton Springs Zone; (f) severely limit the City's ability to enter into economic development agreements city-wide; (g) prohibit the City from participating in or supporting certain road projects; and (h) add an environmental policy statement?

PROPOSITION NO. 3 - Ordinance #20060302-005
Yes % Yes No % No
42019 82.00% 9287 18.00%
Shall the City Charter be amended to change the initial date of the term served by the mayor and council members to comply with a change in state election law?

PROPOSITION NO. 4 - Ordinance #20060309-003
Yes % Yes No % No
28544 55.00% 23121 45.00%
Shall the City Charter be amended to allow a council member or mayor first elected after April 30, 2006, to serve for three terms?

PROPOSITION NO. 5 - Ordinance #20060309-004
Yes % Yes No % No
34525 68.00% 16155 32.00%
Shall the City Charter be amended to limit contributions from individuals outside the Austin city limits, increase and adjust for inflation the aggregate contribution amount that a council member may collect and the maximum individual contribution to a candidate for city council, allow a person elected to city council to fund an account to pay officeholder expenses, and allow fundraising by unsuccessful candidates and retired council members to retire campaign debt?

PROPOSITION NO. 6 - Ordinance #20060302-003
Yes % Yes No % No
34954 68.00% 16689 32.00%
Shall the City Charter be amended to restore a city employees ability to purchase additional benefit coverage, by repealing Article IX, Section 4 (Employee Benefits) of the City Charter?

PROPOSITION NO. 7 - Ordinance #20060309-002
Yes % Yes No % No
33048 64.00% 18453 36.00%
Shall the City Charter be amended to increase the term served by a municipal court judge from two years to four years?

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