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Capital Metro provides bus and rail service throughout Austin. For information on schedules and locations, please visit them online at

Parking Services

View the Parking Division services to find information about valet parking, chauffeur permits, limousine and taxicab permits and ground transportation services. See more information on parking spots downtown here.

PHBs are pedestrian activated warning devices. The beacon consists of two red lights above a single yellow light. The beacon head is "dark" or unlit until a pedestrian activates the device.

Services offered by the Right of Way Management Division include Permitting, Traffic Control Plan/Review, Utility Coordination, Safety and Mobility in the ROW, and Code Compliance.  View the Division's page here.

Community groups and event organizers use Street Banners as a cost-effective, high-impact, place-based tool for engaging the public, promoting events, raising awareness, and communicating key messages.

The street name change process involves submittal of an application, payment of a non-refundable processing fee, property owner and governmental entity notifications, and approval from the Austin City Council in the form of an ordinance.

The purpose of a traffic signal is to provide an equitable balance of safe and efficient movements of all roadway users through an intersection. An appropriately installed traffic signal improves traffic safety and mobility for all roadway users.


The Austin Transportation Department is one of several governmental departments and agencies responsible for building, maintaining, and planning transportation in Austin. Here is a list of our partners and a little bit about what they do.