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The mission of the Austin Animal Center is to prevent animal homelessness and promote humane, compassionate treatment of animals by enforcing animal regulations, providing a safety net for lost or homeless animals and achieving live outcomes for at least 90% of sheltered pets.

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Austin Animal Center Over Capacity after Last Week’s Storms

Center Reminds Public to Check for Missing Pets

Last Thursday, September 18th the Austin Animal Center had 427 animals at the shelter, with an intake of 37 animals that day.  Thursday night the storms hit and ever since then intake has been increasing and so has the number of animals at the shelter.  Since the storms, 436 animals have come into the Center, 83 just last Friday, with 218 of them dogs.  Today, there are 496 animals at the Austin Animal Center, an increase of 69 to an already over capacity facility.

Animal Center still reeling from last week's storms

The Austin Animal Center has more than 1,100 cats and dogs to care for, many of them lost from last week’s storms.  The Center has taken in over 400 animals in the past 7 days, and only 132 of them have left the shelter.  Anyone who is missing their pet should come to the Austin Animal Center to look for their pet, and check the Center’s website regularly.  The Center also tweets every 30 minutes with information about stray animals that have just come into the shelter; follow

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